Welcome to Airo Island

Airo Island is an active innovation hub promoting robotics, artificial intelligence and automaton in Finland. We want to see these fields develop, grow and flourish. Robotics and artificial intelligence are truly worth investing and improving right now and we are constantly working to achieve our goals and visions.

We can’t afford to stay behind in the development of robotics field in Finland. It is important to raise awareness of robotics and artificial intelligence. One of our goals it to promote start-ups and help them grow. We want to create networks and business ecosystem for the companies and start-ups.

To promote artificial intelligence and robotics, we arrange different events, take part in innovative projects and create discussion. We also offer our members benefits and support start-ups working with robotics, automation and artificial intelligence.

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#hyteairo seminaarisarja ja työpajat

Hyteairo työ jatkuu seminaarisarjan ja työpajojen muodossa syksyllä 2018. Työ alkoi 2017 ja sen perusteella on muodostunut #hyteairo raportti.

Lisaa informaatiota #hyteairo sivuilla.