Welcome to Airo Island

Airo Island is an active innovation hub promoting robotics, artificial intelligence and automaton in Finland. We want to see these fields develop, grow and flourish. Robotics and artificial intelligence are truly worth investing and improving right now and we are constantly working to achieve our goals and visions.

We can’t afford to stay behind in the development of robotics field in Finland. It is important to raise awareness of robotics and artificial intelligence. One of our goals it to promote start-ups and help them grow. We want to create networks and business ecosystem for the companies and start-ups.

To promote artificial intelligence and robotics, we arrange different events, take part in innovative projects and create discussion. We also offer our members benefits and support start-ups working with robotics, automation and artificial intelligence.

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Robotics in healthcare seminar series

Airo Island and Develor Productions Oy hosts a seminarseries regarding Robotics in healthcare. The seminar series launches with a kick-off on Tuesday 23rd of March and is a monthly breakfast event.

The aim of the seminar series is to bring knowledge, visions and examples on how robotics is used in the healthcare sector. The series is held mainly in finnish.

More information can be found on the series own page.


Robotics week 2016

Our next big event is Roboticsweek 2016. Find more information about roboticsweek and previous roboticsweek-events in the roboticsweek-menu. Roboticsweek 2016 is coming this autumn, stay tuned and save the date!

Airo island robot display, Baxter by Rethink robotics We’re excited to get acquainted with new and innovative robots, this is Baxter by Rethink Robotics. More robot displays will be shown in Roboticsweek 2016.

Discussion about robot cars and traffic that is constantly becoming more automated (only in finnish).
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