Airo Island has supported start-ups for a while now. We specialize in robotics startups, unfortunately this sector of new companies is still in the very early stage of emergence in Finland.

A year ago we hosted the first AiroBot pitching event. For the event we searched through over one thousand finnish startups on the internet and through several networks. We found fourteen startups. Of these fourteen nine were ready to pitch in the event, one was from Russia.

Finland has a great and a thriving startup community with many actors, startups, accelerators and investors. Most of the startups are making applications or other software. This lacks the demanding hardware aspect that the robots require. The hardware part of robotics requires a remarkable investment in tools and materials, which increases the production costs compared to development of software.

Director Jussi Liukkonen from Reaktor said that startups need a minimum of three persons to work. The business-savvy, the person who knows the applicable area and the tech-guy. In robotics actually two tech-guys are needed, because the software and hardware parts require different kind of expertise.

Airo Island is here  to help both with the hardware and the software side of the robotics startup challenge. We can now provide workspace for start-ups and inventors. The next step is to build a workshop with tools and hardware to help the start-ups put their ideas into action and awesome products..

In Airo Island premises we have Niklas Kaarla from CNC Flake, who has kept his workshop for a few months now. Niklas is genius to make anything mechanical and can be of great help for anyone who is interested to make their own robot.

Here are a few words from Niklas about his stay with Airo island:
“I have been here at Airo now for four months and the stay has been spectacular to say the least. The open space suits well for our needs and we don’t feel like the walls are moving in, this leaves us more open to think and innovate new robotic prototypes without the stress of space. The location could not be better. The scenery is wonderful and to top it off there is a awesome waterfall right next door! During the EU Robotics Week we got to show off our stuff and many interested parties came to look at our display of inventions and prototypes. I hope I get to collaborate with many of them in the future. With some we have already started plans of collaboration.”

Here is also their latest video from a project they have been working on:

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