AiroBot is an innovative pitching event that is organized by Airo Island. Our goal is to find ambitious and talented start-ups to give pitches to panellists who evaluate the ideas and solutions presented. AiroBot is focused on start-ups whose field of activity lies in robotics, internet of things and hardware. By hardware we mean all sorts of mechanics, sensors and motors. AiroBot is a two days event and the second AiroBot was held in April 2016. The two days event included a reverse pitch from the Central Library of Helsinki, JuniorBot pitching for schoolkids and pitching of start-ups.

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On wednesday the 13th of April Anna-Maria Soininvaara and Pirjo Lipasti had an excellent reverse pitch regarding robotics for the upcoming Central Library in Helsinki. The Library is planned to be ready in the end of 2018 and there is a need for robotics in different tasks. The idea of the reverse pitch is to introduce an existing issue that needs innovative solutions. And in this case, the problem was to generate an idea and develop robots, artificial intelligence or other technical solutions for areas of development defined in the reverse pitch. For example, one issue that needs robotic solutions is the logistics in the library.

The core idea of reverse pitching is to find solutions for issues without knowing in advance what the solutions might be. By creating a public competition for the ideas and solutions the company is able to reach a wider audience and more possible participants. The competition for ideas for the new Central Library has already raised interest which we in Airo Island are very excited about. Airo Island is coordinating the competition and we are waiting to see innovative and creative solutions. The competition is now open and if you got interested, please contact us! Here  is more information about the reverse pitch and what the Library is looking for.


On the second day of AiroBot we arranged JunorBot-pitching for children. Pitching was organized in cooperation with the Education Department of City of Helsinki and one of the goals was to teach children business-thinking, pitching and businessdevelopment.The children participating the pitch presented their ideas and concepts with accurate descriptions of their products or solutions. The children participating were given training in pitching and public speaking and we were delighted that JuniorBot pitches turned out excellent and inspiring. The pitches were very good and the ideas for the solutions were innovative, fresh and yet very possible to create. There was three ideas in the JuniorBot pitching event: Wasby, Emojify and Lie detector robot. The panel consisted of Peter Stany, Robotdalen and Renaud Champion, Primnext. The panellists evaluated all pitches and gave feedback to pitchers. You can find the pitches here.

The second AiroBot day continued with start-up pitches. There were seven start-ups pitching with a wide variety of solutions and products. The start-ups participating were:

  • AvP Ilmakuvaus: Plastic bag compactor
  • FluxCraft
  • LAC Camera Systems Oy
  • Parametric Ecodesign
  • Tomation Oy
  • Masinova Oy
  • Quanturi: connecting hay bales

We were especially pleased with how many different branches were presented and of the novel ideas. One of the main goals of the pitching was to get funding for the projects, and in fact one start-up got funding to their product thanks to our event. The panel was great this year again. Two of the panelists were present for the second time, which shows that the event has created interest from the last year. The panelists were:

  • Jaakko Salminen Chairman of the Board – FIBAN
  • Teppo Kettula, CEO, AikaGroup
  • Peter Stany – Innovation Driver, RobotDalen
  • Renaud Champion – Primnext

We are constantly developing the AiroBot-pitching event and keen to make AiroBot a yearly event. We think that AiroBot gives a good outlook of the development and the situation of robotics and other developed technology start-up scene in Finland. By arranging AiroBot, we are promoting robotics, technology and artificial intelligence start-up field in Finland and this is one of our main goals in Airo Island. But what did we learn from AiroBot 2016? Next year we need to be more aggressive in advertising and it would be useful to arrange training in pitching before the actual event. We also need to utilize more social media advertising AiroBot. All in all, we are very excited about our event and can’t wait for the next, improved, AiroBot!

Written by Nina Lukin

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