As we all know, start-ups are a growing and flourishing line of business. We can read on the internet about new growth-seeking companies daily and we all know at least one of those guys who starts one business after another. If we think about it, why shouldn’t we establish a start-up if we have special knowledge or skills, and an idea for a new product?


The first startup started moving in in November 2015

If you get a fantastic idea or you figure out a solution for a problem, what should you do about it? If you are a student in a university, an employee daydreaming about your own business, for example, or a self-taught inventor or just an entrepreneur-oriented person, how would you get your business going and all ready for action? Of course you have to register your new start-up and get all the paperwork in order. But then what? Quite rarely we happen to have an empty garage just perfect for production or a store unit, or a basement with great equipment for building a new automated arm or a ping-pong-robot. And quite rarely do we have that extra amount of money just for renting an office for our business in a rather central location if we are just starting.


Nina Lukin at work

We think that finding a place to work and building a prototype should not be any more complicated than getting a fantastic idea for a start-up. That is why we in Airo Island offer a great deal for technology, robotics or artificial intelligence-oriented start-ups. We offer start-ups a place to work and start producing your ideas into reality. Furthermore, in Airo Island you don’t have to worry about paying and handling with water and electricity bills, internet connection costs or paying rent every single month – we know that starting a business might be a struggle every once in awhile. We want to make it all easier for new businesses and promote start-ups in Finland. You can also borrow our laptops and get a well-lighted desk space for working. In future we also want to be able to offer start-ups in Airo Island different working materials, tools and software to build your prototypes. To get all these advantages, your start-up needs to pay joining fee and yearly membership cost. You can find prices in the membership page.  For example, if your start-up has turnover less than one million euros, your yearly membership cost is only 500 euros and that covers everything mentioned earlier. Sounds like a fair deal? Then you should get acquainted with the terms of joining to be a member, you can find them from the link above. Membership is very easily acquirable.

In addition to all the concrete and money-saving advantages, we are constantly building and improving a business ecosystem that helps our members to get together, learn from each other and get new ideas. We want to promote communication between start-ups and companies – we think it’s important to connect with each other because that’s how we take our start-ups and companies to the next level. We in Airo Island are happy to answer any questions you might have, you can find contact information in Airo Island-page on the left sidebar of this website.

Written by Nina Lukin

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