Internship at Airo Island

During the past month, I have been working as an intern in Airo Island. I got acquainted with Airo Island in Robotics week 2015 when I was working there with a university research group recruiting test subjects. As a big robotics enthusiast, I thought it is so great that someone had put their time and energy to create an event to spread knowledge about robots and robotics. This kind of events are something we don’t see too often in Finland, and in robot knowledge and awareness more is definitely more. We need more discussion about robotics and it is very important that Airo Island considers their mission to create that discussion and awareness.

I thought it would be interesting to get to know more about Airo Island and I asked if they needed an assistant for summer. After few setbacks I managed to get funding from university – I was going to accomplish a work practice program for my degree by working in Airo Island. In the university, we can accomplish the same work practice course as a lecture series. What would I have missed out if I had attended the lectures instead of getting into a real working environment? In Airo Island I got to see what the robotics scene in Finland looks like – what kind of actors work in the business and also what the scale of robotics network is. The experience was really inspiring and great for me. I got to attend different meetings, hear advices and concerns of the experts in this business and learn from interesting people. I guess that is “slightly” more educational than a lecture about work practices. It was intriguing to see what the robotics business in Finland looks like. To be an assistant in Airo Island was really something I enjoyed doing. It was nice to think that I was doing my bit to promote robotics, or robot knowledge. After all, promoting robotics in Finland is one of the main goals in Airo Island and that’s something I consider to be very important.


During my internship I also learned a lot about how to run a business and what does it take to keep things going. That was very educational as I wish to start my own business one day. I kind of got to learn about two different areas in one internship. Learning about robotics and running a business was a great combination for me. My internship really did not feel like I was just a basic summer trainee for a month or something like that. I got to attend different meetings and events. When I was asked to come up with new ideas on for example how to develop the internet page or how to improve communications, my opinions were heard and respected and that was inspiring and rewarding. All in all, my internship in Airo Island was a really educational and great experience!

Nina Lukin