How to become a member?

Airo Island is a non-profit association with company members. At the current moment, we have thirteen members and growing. The membership is not restricted to companies of a certain field, but is open to all who think they can benefit of either making, using or promoting robots and robotics.

The benefits you get when you are an Airo Island member:

You are a part of the Airo Island network
You get visibility in the Airo Island channels
You can be a part of our projects
Members can arrange their own event once per year at Airo Island
Monthly mail for members
Business leads
Gets to be a part of the Airo Showroom


For start-ups:

Possibility to use our premises as your office

How to apply:

Companies can apply for the membership of Airo Island. The easiest way to send in an application is to send an email to Include the following information in the application:

  • Company name
  • Company contact details
  • Business-ID
  • Turnover
  • Contact person name and contact details
  • A brief note, that the company has read the purpose of Airo Island the company accepts it. The purpose can be found from the rules. (Translation coming soon)

The membership fee is relative to the companys turnover. Here is the table of the fees:

Turnover / Budget for the membership per year

  • 0-1 million                                       500 € / year
  • 1-3 million                                       1000 €  / year
  • Over 3, at most 30 million           2000 €  / year
  • Over 30, at most 100 million       3000 €  / year
  • Over 100 million                            4000 € / year

Turnover / Budget for the joining fee (paid once)

  • 0-1 million                                       250 €
  • 1-3 million                                       500 €
  • Over 3, at most 30 million           1000 €
  • Over 30, at most 100 million       1500 €
  • Over 100 million                            2000 €

The membership fee for supporting members is 10.000 euros per year. The supporting members don’t pay a joining fee. The membership fee can be fulfilled in-kind relative to the decision of the board (eg start-ups)