We want to make the Finnish robotics start-up ecosystem grow.

For that purpose we are building a place for start-ups where they can work and build their prototypes. In our premises we have space for start-ups that have anything to do with robotics. If you are working with sensors, Artificial Intelligence, hardware, wheels, motors or anything else, you are welcome here to build your product and company.

Currently we can offer a table and a chair, electricity, lights, internet connection and a laptop to borrow. In the future we want to be able to offer more. This more includes tools, materials and software to build your prototypes from.
Only thing that is required for this is an Airo Island membership which is very easy to acquire. More details about the membership can be found here.

start-ups-airoThe first start-up moved in in November 2015.

For more information you can contact:
Nicholas Andersson
040 501 6505