Pitching event for start-ups and great ideas

AiroBot is the annual pitching event that is arranged by the nonprofit organization Airo Island. The event is a meeting place for start-ups, innovators and investors. AiroBot will take place in Helsinki every spring. This year we arranged a pitching event, reverse pitching event and juniorbot pitching competition. 


The pitches were heard on the 14th of April. In the event we had slots for 20 pitchers. We had a panel of investors and experts evaluating the pitches. Introductions to the pitches can be found here.  Here you can find the introduction of the panel.

Reverse pitching

Reverse pitching is a form of pitching where the companies get to talk about their needs for new innovations. Are you planning on investing in robots? Are you thinking about using Artificial Intelligence as a part of your business? If you have an idea on what you want to accomplish but don’t quite know how, then this is a perfect forum for you to call out your needs for the innovators.

Our reverse pitche can be seen here.


JuniorBot pitching is an pitching event for schoolchildren. The children will have an opportunity to pitch their team and ideas for a panel of professionals. The aim of the competition is to teach the children about entrepreneurship, presentation and innovation.

When in doubt, or otherwise interested and want more information about AiroBot contact:
Nicholas Andersson
040 501 6505