We are proud to host HRH Prince Michael of Kent and the British Commonwealth and Chamber of Commerce in Finland to visit Airo Island and be a part of a pitching tradition, AiroBot. The B3CF hosts Champions pitching where HRH Prince Michael and his business delegation is looking for Finnish companies to invest in.

Prince Michael of Kent and Queen Elizabeth
HRH Prince Michael of Kent and Queen Elizabeth

British & Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce and Airo Island ry organizes the 3rd AiroBot pitching event for startups on 26th of Spetember 2017. The event aims toward startups in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics. Hardware and IoT are closely related technologies and are welcome to AiroBot.  The event starts at 11 am with a pitch organized by the B3CF and will continue at 14pm with a reverse pitch organized by Airo Island ry.

Airobot schedule
Airobot brochure and schedule


B3CF Champions pitch

B3CF Champions pitching is a new initiative to help Finnish SMEs trade and invest across the Commonwealth. Companies are selected among of the B3CF Members on their potential for innovation, level of impact and ambition. Participants will be provided with unique access and support in their quest to win new business in the fast growing Commonwealth markets.

The pitching companies will also get coaching for the pitches by start-up coaches Christina Forsgård and Nicholas Andersson

The pitches will be heard by Prince Michael of Kent and his business delegation.

Christina Forsgard, Netrpofile Finland Oy, senior partner, hallituksen puheejohtaja
Nicholas Andersson, CEO of Airo Island

Airobot Reversepitch

Airobot is a yearly event that promotes the start-up scene specially in the fields of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Closely related technologies as IoT and hardware have always been welcome to join in. In the previous years we have had excellent pitching companies and many of them have found new contacts to help them forward in their endeavors. Previously we have also had a seminar and a reverse pitch. Last year’s reversepitch was held by the Central Library of Helsinki that is looking to buy robotics in the new central library. The results were good and such we want to continue hosting reversepitches.

This year’s AiroBot is a reversepitch event where companies or other organisations pitch to entrepreneurs and start-ups their funded projects that address their enduring pain points, innovative ideas or emerging challenges.

The fee for companies who reversepitch is 1000 €. This includes the allotted time slot and coaching to make a good pitch.

Don’t hesitate to contact:
Nicholas Andersson
040 501 6505