In AiroBot 2016 we saw interesting pitches from seven different start-ups

AvP Ilmakuvaus: Plastic bag compactor

The basic idea is to squeeze the plastic bags tighter together for ease of transport and recycling. The squeeze ratio in our plastic bag compactor is 100:1, when comparing the squeezed plastic bags to uncompressed ones. As an example, a basic trash container of 660m3 can contain approximately 43 uncompressed plastic bags, while it can contain 4300 compressed plastic bags. A fully stuffed bin is changed to an empty “bincassette”, easily by opening a hatch and removing the full bin, and replacing it with a new empty bin cassette

AvP Ilmakuvaus is the company of Niklas Kaarla who has an extensive experience in mechanics. They are specialized in creating prototypes. The company name comes from their history, which started with airfilming using drones.


Fluxcraft is an enterprise incubation network, owned and operated by entrepreneurs. Our thing is ecotech: crafting ecosystems of technology to help people shape their behavior and living environment.

Members of the network are all equal partners, keep their own business, collaborate on projects and codevelop the fluxcraft network as a shared information infrastructure. We are committed to democratic and lean organizational governance, and to creating modular adaptive systems supporting the voluntary association of entrepreneurs and negotiated exchange and sharing of labor, capital, equity, intellectual property and most of all the workspace. The fluxcraft network will never go public or be subject to external investment: all equity is sweat equity, 100% skin in the game.

We are always in the lookout for new members, but also for people and organizations who want to collaborate or affiliate with us in other ways. For members we seek entrepreneurs interested in the vision outlined on

LAC Camera Systems Oy

We empower you to create cinematographic magic!

LAC Camera Systems is developing a novel and exciting camcorder primarily targeted to extreme sport enthusiasts. However, away from ski slopes, skate parks and sport arenas it is perfectly suited to capturing enchanting video clips of everyday life.

Parametric Ecodesign

We make ecotech for lifestyle design, to simplify life instead of complicate it.

We are designing modular and connected furniture and accessories to help you adaptively design your living and working environment. We believe in accommodating technology without being reliant on it: we are developing systems for letting power and data flow through furniture, to allow your devices to connect to your furniture. We want facilitate integration of technology into the home, without having it stuck there forever. We work with customizable, so-called parametric designs: you can order our designs tailor-made for your needs, whether the dimensions need to have precise measurements or the color and texture of the wood needs to be adjusted. Using computer controlled machines we can even carve and engrave custom shapes and patterns on your order for a real personal touch. Last but not least we are committed to making design sustainable, first and foremost by making quality products that endure for decades: low quality means more waste. Eventually we also plan to be sourcing our own wood from biodiverse small holder forestry, because we believe sustainability is about more than just cutting CO2 emissions.

Join us in crafting ecosystems with ecotechnology!.

Tomation Oy

Flying drones have broken through.What if you need to go to tight spaces?

Do you need to pull cables below the office floor, above the ceiling, or in a cable ladder in your factory? How about HVAC inspection and cleaning of the ducts in all buildings?

Emergency rescue, mining industry, construction sites… There’s no product on the market to get there.

We are creating the modular assistant for all interiors.

Masinova Oy

In the beginning of the Sixties, a man dreamt up a vision of modern automated sailing vessels. Because of the automatization, the numerous crew of the windjammers were no longer necessary, the new type sailing ship could be managed by the same limited number of crew as onboard conventional, diesel powered vessel. The possible fuel saving, depending upon the trading route, were in the order of 40 % to 60 % with all related environmental advantages.

Quanturi: connecting hay bales

Quanturi Ltd’s is the forerunner of the IoFT, the Internet of Farming Things, providing farmers a powerful management system to control their livestock’s feed. Quanturi Ltd’s vision is to connect the billion hay bales produced globally every year. Mere 1% of this market translates to tens of millions of revenue for Quanturi. Quanturi product sales will be launched in the fall of 2016 in France, before expanding to Europe in 2017 and globally in 2020.

Distributed robotic fleet for moon mining

I bring a new concept to get a mobile distributed robotic fleet to the moon. Being a specialist in rapid prototyping and researcher in behaviors of distributed robotic fleets together with previous experience in space projects I  aim for the moon to mine for minerals in a way that is way cheaper and faster than ever before.

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