Ideas for the new Central Library – Library robot competition

The City of Helsinki is building a new Central Library which will be opened for the public by the end of 2018. The library has a budget of maximum 500.000 € to invest in robotics, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other new technology solutions. They are looking for new innovative ideas for library systems, logistics, customer experience, and also recommendation systems. There’s a need for multiple solutions and new ideas and they all are open for applications and ideas. The main areas of development are:

  • Robots or other intelligent agents to deal with logistics in the library
  • Artificial intelligence for making recommendations of books and other content
  • Artificial intelligence for reference search using data masses
  • Interactive robots for children


The Central Library started a collaboration with Airo Island and created an open library robot competition regarding the solutions that launched with a reverse pitch in April 2016. The competition is divided to two stages. The first stage is an open competition for ideas and solutions. The second stage starts in september when we go through the ideas and start a negotiation of procurement for the winning ideas.

The competition is now open and you can send in your ideas. Make sure to send them before the first of September 2016 to Airo Island ry is coordinating the project. Please ask for more details if you got interested!

More information about the competition and related materials can be found here.
You can find here the original reverse pitch page from AiroBot.